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Wonderfully Made

May 7, 2024

Cultivating healthy boundaries can change your life and protect your soul and well-being. In this episode, Allie Marie Smith and Colleen Blake Miller discuss the importance of setting boundaries in various areas of life. They explore the challenges people face in establishing boundaries and provide examples of specific boundaries that can be set. They also discuss the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness when communicating boundaries. The intersection of faith and boundaries is explored, highlighting the need for balance and harmony. The conversation concludes with a reminder of the importance of knowing one's value and identity in setting boundaries and taking care of oneself.




-Setting boundaries is essential for maintaining healthy relationships and personal well-being.

-Recognizing the need for boundaries requires self-awareness and paying attention to imbalances or feelings of overwhelm.

-Boundaries can be established through clear communication and setting limits on what one is responsible for.

-Faith can inform the establishment of boundaries by providing a sense of worth and security in God.

-Setting boundaries with oneself, such as managing time and commitments, is crucial for avoiding burnout and maintaining balance.


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