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Wonderfully Made

Oct 31, 2022

What could your life look like if you broke free from co-dependent patterns and relationships and healed from your addictions? Our co-host, Christie Myers, talks with Irene Rollins, author and certified Emotional Intelligence Coach. Irene’s fervency to help others overcome their self-defeating habits comes from her life experience as an overcomer of alcohol addiction and trauma. Irene shares her journey from healing from co-dependency and alcoholism and how God took her greatest shame and turned it into purpose. By sharing her own experiences, Irene helps us recognize how co-dependent behaviors such as always putting others first and not honoring ourselves lead to stress, burnout and resentment. Be inspired to make transformational changes and take responsibility for your own journey of emotional healing and growth. Through the power of God at work in your life and a personal commitment to growth, you can overcome any addictions, heal from unhealthy patterns and live a more wholehearted life. Get the show notes at Support our ministry here.