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Wonderfully Made

Jun 6, 2023

Be inspired to turn away from a life of over consumerism and discover the joy that comes with creating things you love and enjoy. God is the Creator of all things and we have been created in His image to create. You have unique gifts and talents to bring the world through your own creative expressions. Do you ever find yourself in a cycle of overconsumption whether it’s a shopping addiction, constant NetFlix binging, overeating or endless scrolling on social media? Constant consumerism never satisfies and leads to an unfilling life that lacks meaning. Discover the joy of a life of creativity over consumerism.

Your hosts Allie Mare Smith and Christie Myers discuss

  • Why creativity is an essential purpose we’ve been created for

  • How the practice of creativity can make you come alive and live out your purpose 

  • The different ways we over consume which robs our joy and never satisfies 

  • How perfectionism, distraction and comparison kill our creativity 


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