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Wonderfully Made

Aug 23, 2021

Marian Jordan Ellis, author and encouragement of women joins us to talk about how we can overcome our shame stories and break agreement with the false lies, identities and labels that keep us in bondage. Marian reflects on how we often take on false identities from our wounds and shares how her experience of being abused as a girl made her believe she was unwanted, unlovable and usable. She helps us break that lie that what's been done to us defines us and shares how we can be transformed and walk in freedom through the renewing of our mind with what God says is true. May this conversation help you rise above shame, leave the lies behind and step into your true identity as God's beloved, redeemed and forgiven daughter. For more encouragement visit our website at and get our free guide "Whole and Free" we wrote just for you to help you walk in your true value.