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Wonderfully Made

Aug 1, 2022

In a world being torn by political and cultural wars, economic fears, isolation, anxiety, and grief over loved ones lost, the emotions and experiences expressed in the Psalms are as real, essential—and necessary—as ever. Songs, poems, prayers, laments, pleadings, praises, and confessions . . . the Psalms are all these things and more. Countless people around the world turn to these ancient “songs” for hope and comfort in their times of personal suffering as they have for centuries past. Bestselling author Laura L. Smith shares how her own brokenness drove her to the Psalms and offers comfort and hope for those of us who are feeling broken and scared in today’s world. May our conversation with Laura inspire you to hide your tears in the pages of these ancient holy words, trusting that God is near to you and hears the cries of your heart.


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