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Wonderfully Made

Dec 4, 2018

Join Allie Marie Smith as she interviews author and speaker Alli Worthington about living a happy and contented life in a crazy world. Alli shares insights from her book "The Year of Living Happy" which explores how to find contentment and connection. Alli has seen happiness get a bad rap and reminds us of the good news that we are allowed to be happy! She believes God is not disconnected from happiness and happiness is not disconnected from God. She shares why she thinks so much of our unhappiness comes from our own negative self-talk as well as busyness and fear. We talk about why the most practical thing we can do to fight for happiness is to challenge our own thought patterns. If you are in a season of discouragement or just wanting to live happier, we hope you will receive some practical tips on to cultivate healthier habits and experience greater contentment in your life.  

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